Know 4 Blackjack Rules Online

There are a plethora of blackjack rules you will find on every casino online site. So this becomes one of the most significant quests among players that which set of rules they will follow. But let me tell you that the game is relatively easy to learn and play after you know how to use these set rules properly in your favor. Additionally, these tips you can also apply to decrease your losses. According to me, one of the best and ultimate ideas is to count the cards. For your convenience, I am also sharing simple strategies that you can use to win more money in casino blackjack.

Here it goes few of the free basic blackjack rules-

  • While playing the game, if you are holding the cards of 8, 9 or 10 and on the other side if the dealer has pulled two then do whatever but do not attempt to double down. As the blackjack dealer has higher chances of not busting the odds and getting a more top pull of cards as compared to you. So do not let yourself fall for his trick.
  • Never get sucked up in buying the blackjack insurance. Make sure you use the blackjack insurance when you are having the cards of 20 or 21 in your hand. Moreover, if you go anything less than it than you won’t get any worth for your investment and you will end up cutting your pocket with this bet.
  • The technique which I am going to discuss at this point is one of the controversial methods you will know. There is one more thing that I should mention here about it that it works undoubtedly. Say for instance if I say hit on 16. Then here you get the small edge of running a little card with your 21 or 20 cards. On the other side, you could also lose if you do not take that extra chance to stand on 16.
  • Another norm is that if you have ended up hitting the two of the same cards and I ask to split the cards into two games. Then follow my suggestion here of not proceeding further for 3 or more games. As if you are losing in the two bets then that directly means splitting into two losing a significant amount of money.

I will end up here by saying that play the blackjack casino game when you understand the blackjack rules correctly. Otherwise, you will end up losing all your hard earned money.